Increasing Energy

Supporting you to optimise your energy levels and vitality

What causes low energy?

Modern day living brings stress, pollution and sub optimal diet, all of which conspire to deplete us of essential nutrition and disrupt the natural equilibrium within our bodies.

Left unchecked, the systems within the body can become depleted, resulting in a host of health complaints. Key symptoms include poor or disturbed sleep, difficulty rising, feeling fatigued, finding it difficult to achieve things and this may be accompanied by low mood and irritability.

Clients reporting that they “feel tired all of the time” is a common occurrence in my clinic. As with other aspects of our health, low energy and fatigue can be a result of several different health imbalances.

Increasing Energy

I work with clients using the Functional Medicine Model to identify the factors that may be triggering and perpetuating their low energy symptoms. Areas of investigation include dietary analysis and nutritional deficiencies, digestive imbalance, gut flora imbalances, food intolerances, diminished detoxification, inflammation and hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances.

Some of the tests I consider for clients include:

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