What some of my happy clients have to say

“Jane was very kind, approachable and knowledgeable. Her assessment was thorough, and I felt listened to throughout. The advice she gave me was simple and easy to action. I am already feeling the effects of the small changes I have made in my diet, my mood has improved and I have more energy during the day – I’ve even managed to persuade my partner to make some positive changes in his diet. I can’t recommend Jane highly enough, if you think (or know) you need to make some changes in your diet give her a call……you won’t regret it.”
A. W.
Basingstoke (Age 52)
“From the outset Jane was friendly, helpful and positive. She listened carefully and asked insightful questions, not only taking account of my symptoms but also the areas I personally found difficult. We all have dietary things we are reluctant to give up, usually the things we think give us a boost when we need it, and one of the aspects of Jane’s approach I found most helpful was for everything she suggested I try to eliminate from my diet she gave me an easy and acceptable alternative to try. She explained clearly each of her suggestions, she was realistic about how difficult some might be given Christmas was approaching, and agreed a ‘do-able’ plan with me. Following the plan proved easier than I would have thought and I can honestly say the results were life-changing for me. Within a few weeks I have more energy during the day and sleep better at night.   Best of all I no longer worry that I might be ‘caught out’ and be ill when out of the house; instead I feel I have control over my body and how it reacts. At my review meeting with Jane she was every bit as helpful as during our first meeting and again agreed with me how to take things forward in relation to my diet in the future. I only wish I had met Jane earlier, it could have saved me months of feeling ill and losing confidence.”
A. P.
Fleet (Age 61)
“When I met Jane, I was feeling low on energy, suffering with my digestion and my skin had flared up. Jane has a very gentle and understanding approach and does not force anything on you. She truly understands how the body is connected and what it needs to function properly. Jane makes suggestions on what she feels you need to do and takes the time to discuss. I thoroughly recommend Jane as I now feel so much better, what a way to start a new year! Thank you Jane.”
L. R.
Fleet (Age 51)
"I have recently been seeing Jane to help get my nutrition back on track and lose some weight. Despite cooking healthy family meals, I’ve tried so many diets over the years that I had lost my way with what I should & shouldn’t eat! Jane’s approach is so sensible, practical and realistic – she has helped me do what so many diets have never done – I finally have the mind set about healthy eating for life so I don’t feel like I am on a diet yet I’ve lost a stone in 4 weeks! I have more energy, I am sleeping well, my skin and nails look great and the whole family are benefiting health wise from the small changes I’ve made to their diets too. Jane’s six week programme with check-ins to keep me on track & for her to answer any questions I have has been brilliant at helping me get started and keep going without getting sucked back into any of my old habits. Jane’s knowledge is huge & her passion for the work she does is evident – I can’t recommend her highly enough."
Farnborough (Age 40)
“Within a few weeks of starting a change in diet, my symptoms eased, and my energy levels improved. With support and guidance from Jane I'm now much stronger, back at work and managed my healthiest winter in over 18 years! I’ve even found ways of enjoying cake without it being unhealthy! I couldn't have done it without her, so thank you!”
Basingstoke (Age 28)
“Jane is extremely good at drawing diagrams and explaining the science behind things, as well as being incredibly easy to talk to. Jane manages to be very professional, lovely, friendly, patient, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to change the way they think about food, and themselves.”
Basingstoke (Age 40)
“Jane explained the problem areas to me in a clear, understandable manner, drew up a personal nutrition plan for me and motivated me to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I noticed a positive effect with 2 days and since then have seen a consistent ongoing improvement in not only my digestion but also energy levels and recovery time following exercise. I am very grateful for Jane’s help and cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Ewshot (Age 40)
“Jane at Life Force Nutrition really turned my life around. When I went to her I was feeling unhealthy and lethargic. She was so knowledgeable about food, how the body works and nutrition. She was very encouraging and supportive to help put me on the right track, so I could live a healthier and more energised future. The support continues in between visits and this is very helpful. Everybody should have a Jane in their life.”
Farnborough (Age 45)
“I visited Jane about 7 months ago and would highly recommend her services. I have been able to fine tune my diet and have a learnt a lot from her about nutrition. Overall, I have so much more energy than I used to, which is great, and my digestion has improved! Jane is very supportive and with her help I have been able to become more aware of the foods that my body truly needs.”
Farnborough (Age 48)
“Jane was very encouraging and generous with her time, professional and provided a lot of helpful information. I am now following Jane’s advice and looking forward to improved health. I am now quite excited to try these new more nutritious products and improve my health. I would fully recommend Jane and her services.”
Basingstoke (Age 50)
“I have recently visited Jane after feeling run down for a number of months after having 2 small kids. I can’t talk about results yet as it’s been only a couple of days since I have seen Jane, but her approach is fantastic. “She starts by finding out what your goals are, then finds out as much as possible about your personal history and spends great amount of time explaining things and coming up with recommendations that won’t break the bank. I am hoping that with her help I will be back to my bouncy-self in no time. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who wants to find a natural solution to their health problems.”
Basingstoke (Age 36)
"I have taken advice from Jane on several matters and she has always been able to help; she is fantastically knowledgeable, and her advice is pragmatic, sensible and easy to follow. Jane doesn’t judge whether what you do is right or wrong, she just helps you identify better ways to look after your health with a sensible eating plan. She also encouraged me to make changes that have improved the quality of my sleep. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be!"
Farnborough (Age 41)
“I first consulted Jane as I was worried about what I was eating, my weight and nutrition as I am getting a bit older….. We had a lovely conversation which covered topics I expected to chat about and others I didn’t. Jane certainly provides a holistic approach! We came up with a plan – and what I found really great was that she kept in touch for the next 6 weeks to make sure that I was OK with keeping to the plan. Further recommendations were made too. The result is that I have a better regime, have lost a bit of weight and I feel so much better. Thanks Jane.”
Hartley Wintney (Age 55)
My illness got to a point where I was unable to consistently keep a job and my career suffered. So, I was prepared to pay anything and do anything to get my life back on track. After four weeks, I followed the diet plan to the letter and quickly felt an improvement. Jane has given me, resilience and consistency, in a short space of time and I feel strong again.
Basingstoke (Age 55)